Candle Lantern - Japanese Block Print Design

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Check out our newest idea, Lily's Lanterns!  Lily's Lanterns are ceramic sculptures that turn your candles into works of art.  Light up your favorite candle, place the lantern on top, and watch it glow.  The scent from the candle still fills up you house just as effectively.  Our lanterns are also a great way to hide any candle that is looking a little tired or may have some outdated holiday packaging.  Simply place the lantern on top and nobody will know!

SPECS: 5 in x 5 in x 7.5 in

*Can accommodate a candle that is 4.25 in. in width or smaller. Which is a little wider than a Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle.  A candle is not included with your order

CLEANING: After several uses, if you see some smoke on the inside of your lantern, simply get a wet cloth and wipe it down.  No scrubbing at all.  

BASE: The bottom of each lantern has gel pads to make sure your surface stays scratch free